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Home Remodeling of Colorado is the Denver area premier custom decking specialist! We install the highest quality custom decking systems with the most competitive pricing! At Home Remodeling of Colorado it is our goal to provide the highest quality decking products, professional workmanship and exceptional service. Our HRC Team has the experience needed to build beautiful decks designed to endure the harsh Denver climate. We never cut corners or use inferior products to save money. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers by ensuring 100% satisfaction and our industry-leading HRC Workmanship Warranty!

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Even though many people like the low maintenance benefits of synthetic decking like TREX, wood decks are also a solid choice. With proper care and maintenance, wood decking will deliver many years of quality service and have a more natural look than synthetic decks. If they’re given proper care, wood decks will deliver many years of excellent service. When we think of domestic lumber for wood decks, there are three main choices.


Redwood is the most commonly used wood for Colorado decks. Redwood is extremely durable. Properly sealed and maintained Redwood planking can last for more than 30 years.

In addition, as a softwood, splitting seems to be less common with redwood than any other alternative.


Because cedar is often used for exterior trim and fence grade products, it is commonly overlooked for decking applications. However, cedar has more traditional wood tones than redwood, and makes a great choice for rough trim or posts. It also compliments synthetic decking as a rail or fascia option. When it comes to wood, cedar is a favorite of many property owners and also our installers.

Hem Fir

Hem Fir is a mixture of two wood species – Western Hemlock and Amabilis Fir. It is one of the world’s finest building materials and is a high-performance wood that is moderately hard and strong, delivering high bending strength, shear strength and stiffness.


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Low Maintenance Decks

Many prefer the look of synthetic decking material and like that it requires less maintenance than traditional wood decking. When it comes to synthetic or man-made decking, many people are surprised to hear that within this category, there are three main types. Most larger companies (TREX, Timber Tech & Fiberon) manufacture and distribute all three types.

Composite Decking

Composite decking has been available for 20+ years. Generally speaking, composite decking is a 50/50 blend of sawdust and polyethylene. Most of the wood is reclaimed from furniture and cabinet factories, the plastic comes from recycled milk jugs, packaging plastics, etc. Many people refer to composite decking as TREX, though there are close to 100 separate companies making these products.

Some of the advantages of composites include price points, and availability, but they also have . disadvantages which include fading, scratches, and stains from food sources or pets.

PVC Decking

Cellular PVC decking is a full plastic material and generally doesn’t contain much recycled content. Most of the plastics are acquired from plastic manufacturing sources and tend to be much lighter than other composites. This is a favorable benefit when remodeling older structures that might not be capable of holding larger loads. It also holds less heat than other composites and is made to resist stains extremely well. They also hold their color extremely well.

Wrapped Composite Decking

Capped or “wrapped” composite is a “third generation” decking material. The core of the board is similar to traditional composite, but the board it’s capped with a high density polyethylene shell. Some manufacturers wrap the board on three sides, and others provide fully wrapped boards..

In most cases, wrapped composites come with a “no fade/no stain” warranty, but no manufacturer provides a scratch warranty. Even then, this decking material is comparable in durability to any other composite materials

The Home Remodeling of Colorado Promise

We value your business. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We never cut corners to save money. We only use the highest quality products and the most skill contractors. Home Remodeling of Colorado provides a warranty on craftsmanship with every project. Allow us to manage your next project and experience the Home Remodeling of Colorado difference!

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