Top Summer Home Improvement Projects

It’s Summertime! Beautiful warm weather, longer days, and family vacations! We love our Colorado summers, but fall and winter are coming soon. We should take advantage of the warmer weather to finish a few essential upgrades and maintenance tasks around the house, but where to start?

We compiled a list of the most popular summertime home improvements and maintenance projects to get you started. Perhaps one of the items on our list will spark an idea for your next home improvement project.

1. Power Wash

Some areas around your home require more than a standard hose to clean, and summer is the perfect time to power wash. The warmer temperatures allow the water to dry much faster. Power washing is the best way to clean areas like the driveway and cement walkways, exterior home siding, stone facia, brick-work, decking, fencing, and even your windows can benefit from a careful power washing.

Pro Tip: You can rent a power washer from Home Depot and Lowes. Power washers are super easy to use, and they are relatively inexpensive to rent. You can also find a handyman to operate the power washer for you. Angie’s list is a great place to start.

2. Re-stain Decking and Fencing

If your deck and fencing are vinyl or PVC, all you need is a quick power washing. If you have wood decking and fencing, start by power washing to clean the surface, then apply a protective stain or clear-coat. Allow at least 24 hours for the power washing to dry before you re-stain the wood. You should clean and re-stain wood decking and fencing every 3 to 4 years.

Pro Tip: Cleaning and re-staining is simple work, but it is very time-consuming. If your budget can afford it, this is another excellent job for a handyman.

3. Install a Deck

If you’ve ever wanted to install a new deck, expand your existing deck, or add a front porch, now is the time. There are a wide variety of options for decking material. Our Home Remodeling of Colorado Reps can help you design and build the deck of your dreams! Give us a call and schedule your free consultation today!

4. Replace Exterior Doors

Summertime is probably the best time to replace an exterior door. Upgrading your sliding glass doors can increase energy efficiency and lower your utility costs. You can seal the opening with thick plastic and wood while you are waiting for the new door. The wood and plastic insulates reasonably well and will protect against rainstorms. Our Home Remodeling of Colorado Contractors can replace your exterior doors. Give us a call for a no-hassle bid!

Pro Tip: When installing the temporary wood and thick plastic, make sure that your contractor fastens the wood with screws from the inside. Placing the screw heads on the inside will make it hard for someone to break in during the construction phase and nails are easier to force loose.

5. Replace Siding

The dryer weather makes summer an ideal time to replace exterior siding. You may have the occasional rainstorm, but over-all, summer is the best time of year to upgrade and fix your exterior home siding. There are endless options for home siding. Our friendly Home Remodeling of Colorado Reps can help you pick the right siding and handle the installation. Give us a call for a free consultation and bid!

6. Install a Ceiling Fan

Did you know that a ceiling fan can reduce your cooling and heating costs? A well-placed ceiling fan will create positive airflow. The increased airflow will maximize your heating and cooling efficiency and lower your utility bills.

7. Fix Cracked Cement

If you have cracks in your driveway and walkways, now is the time to have them fixed. Cement cures (drys) better in warm temperatures.

8. Remodel Your Kitchen

Most people remodel their kitchen during the summer season because they can use their outside grill for cooking during construction. The warm weather makes everything a little easier. You can plug your refrigerator in your garage and install a shop sink for dishes if needed.

Pro Tip: Summer is also the perfect time to build an outdoor kitchen. You can construct your outdoor kitchen first, then remodel your inside kitchen and have a full functioning cooking area to use during construction.

9. Upgrade Your Windows

New windows can provide fantastic energy efficiency benefits. We wrote a detailed article about the benefits of upgrading and replacing your windows (Here). Summer is by far the best time of year to replace your windows. Our Home Remodeling of Colorado Team can manage your window replacement project from start to finish. Give us a call to schedule a friendly consultation today!

10. Schedule Inspections

Have your plumbing, air conditioning, heating, water heater, and other critical areas of your home inspected. Catching a small issue now can save you a lot of time and money later. Summer is also a good time to drain your hot-water heater to remove sediment build-up.

Pro Tip: Have your air conditioner and heater cleaned and tuned-up at least once a year to save on utility costs.

Home Remodeling of Colorado is your premier Colorado Contractor. We will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Call us today for a no-hassle inspection and quote. Our customer service reps are always friendly and helpful.

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